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impact of financial system on economic development

Source: Own calculations, The impact of market capitalization of listed companies (% of GDP) on economic growth. The development of the financial system follows then the economic growth (Robinson 1952, on basis of Al-Yousif 2002, p. 132). In general, he divided the factors that affect product market competition between inputs and outputs (Amable 2003, p. 115–116). In the case of the levels, only two models are statistically significant (at least in a linear form): for the EU countries and 3-year subperiods as well as for OECD countries and 5-year time spans. More on this topic (PDF, 290 KB, ... resource-efficient and climate-resistant infrastructure and economic systems and thus facilitate a transformation to green economies and green growth. However, the results included in Table 3 and plotted on Fig. There is still much room for new empirical and theoretical studies on the relationship between the financial sector and economic growth, especially after the global crisis. Taking into account the fact that the arguments of these functions range between the 5th and 95th centile of distribution of a given variable, it is likely that the countries in which turnover ratio is very high (mainly Korea, USA, UK, Italy, and Spain) have already exhausted the possibilities of accelerating economic growth by further expanding capital market. In the case of some other variables (e.g. These authors, on the basis of empirical research, demonstrate that the correlation between the financial sector and economic growth is not linear but adopts the shape of letter U, upside down. The figures show the graphical representation of the impact of the financial system on economic growth. It turns out that some disturbances observed in the financial sphere of the economy may exert very significant and long-term impact on the behavior of the real economy. 2001; Abu-Bader and Abu-Qarn 2008; Shan 2005; Blanco 2009; Esso 2010; Hassan et al. The economic impact has already been between $160 billion (5.6 percent of GDP)and $175 billion (6.0 percent of GDP). These savings are channelized by lending to various business concerns which are involved in production and distribution. This means that the increase in the volume of nonperforming loans negatively affects output growth. Source: Own calculations, The impact of bank capital to assets ratio (%) on economic growth. The following variables are used to measure the financial sector: domestic credit provided by financial sector, bank nonperforming loans, bank capital to assets ratio, market capitalization of listed companies, turnover ratio of stocks traded, and the monetization ratio. Creel et al. Baier et al. Nevertheless, the analysis demonstrates that too big size of the financial sector, i.e. With competition picking up in various sectors, the service sector such as sales, marketing, advertisement, etc., also pick up, leading to more employment opportunities. In summation, the relationship between some financial variables and economic growth can be interpreted in terms of the impact of the global crisis. J Econ Dyn Control 21:145–181. Source: Own calculations. Some of the capital goods are sold through hire purchase and installment system, both in the domestic and foreign trade. An efficient financial system is one of the foundations for building sustained economic growth and an open, vibrant economic system. Financial system role in Electronic development: Infographic on Role of financial system in economic development of a country, various reasons for lack of growth of venture capital companies, Responsibilities of Merchant Banker in Rights Issue, Deficit Finance | Role | Adverse Effects | Measures to overcome limitations, Role of NHB | Growth of Housing Finance Institutions, General Utility Services of Commercial Banks, CRISIL | Origin | Objectives | Rating Symbols | Modus Operandi, Weaknesses of Trade Union Movement in India and Suggestion to Strengthen, Audit Planning & Developing an Active Audit Plan – Considerations, Advantages, Good and evil effects of Inflation on Economy, Vouching of Cash Receipts | General Guidelines to Auditors, Audit of Clubs, Hotels & Cinemas in India | Guidelines to Auditors, Depreciation – Meaning, Characteristics, Causes, Objectives, Factors Affecting Depreciation Calculation, Inequality of Income – Causes, Evils or Consequences, Accountlearning | Contents for Management Studies |. doi:10.1111/1467-9485.00206, Marcinkowska M, Wdowinski P, Flejterski S, Bukowski S, Zygierewicz M (2014) Wpływ regulacji sektora bankowego na wzrost gospodarczy—wnioski dla Polski. Such a size of the financial sector is not helpful in maintaining sustainable long-term economic growth. Opportunity to realize high profits, in connection with human giddiness, can induce temptation of moral hazard. So the following variables are endogenous: initial GDP per capita, financial sector variables, inflation rate, investment rate, the openness rate, and government consumption expenditure. It is worth noting that definitions, which we encounter in different publications, have many common elements, complement each other rather than be mutually exclusive, but also stress different aspects of the financial system. doi:10.1006/reec.1997.0046, Hassan MK, Sanchez B, Yu J (2011) Financial development and economic growth: new evidence from panel data. Bull Econ Res 54:119–133, Greenwood J, Jovanovic B (1990) Financial development, growth, and the distribution of income. Department of Economics II, Warsaw School of Economics, Al. doi:10.1111/1467-9361.00070, Goczek Ł, Witkowski B (2015) Determinants of card payments. Private sector will find it difficult to raise the huge capital needed for setting up infrastructure industries. Of the contrary opinion is Lucas (1988) who claims that it is not appropriate to put such a significant attention on the role of the financial system as the factor of economic growth, as this role is insignificant. In many countries under study, the ratio of nonperforming loans to total loans exceeds 20 %. We consider the following six variables that measure the degree of financial development and stability: (1) domestic credit provided by financial sector (% of GDP) [cred_by_fin], (2) bank nonperforming loans to total gross loans (%) [nonp_loans], (3) bank capital to assets ratio (%) [cap_asset], (4) market capitalization of listed companies (% of GDP) [mar_cap], (5) turnover ratio of stocks traded (%) [stock_turn], (6) the monetization ratio (broad money as % of GDP) [money]. The discussion of these issues is by no way closed. It is also worth paying attention to the report of the International Monetary Fund dated May 2015 (Sahay et al. The second view in research papers—demand-following view—underlines the following aspect: the development of the financial system is not an element which determines economic growth but it is only a result of actual demands of economy. The financial system helps in the promotion of both domestic and foreign trade. The economic development of a country will be rapid when more ventures are promoted which require modern technology and venture capital. The regression equations are estimated by Blundell and Bond’s GMM system estimator. It is also important to say that studies using this particular model are too old. While these relationships are in line with the theoretical structural model, the latter one is not always confirmed by empirical studies. We adopt the definition offered by Pietrzak et al. With more capital, investment will expand and this will speed up the economic development of a country. From the other side too much finance can lead to a diversion of talent and human capital away from productive sectors and toward the financial sector. The FD Index for Poland, according to the data from this report, accounts for 0.5 points. Here, the role of financial institutions is important, … The data in Table 7 indicate that most of the estimated coefficients are statistically insignificant. The market also provides opportunities for the banks to invest their short term idle funds to earn profits. Theory and empirical evidence both deny the fact that, allegedly, the financial system only—and in the automatic way only—reacted to the needs of economy. found that financial instability has a negative effect on economic performance. Its size has to strictly correspond with the policy of economic development, a proper method of moments worth... Contribute to the current situation of some other variables ( like initial per..., article Google Scholar has indicated one of the financial system and economic growth all... Level from the IMF report is that financial stability and economic growth turns out the! Schumpeter J ( 2005 ) Does financial development cause economic growth in Jordan between the financial system will generate employment. Unstable political environment will not only affect their financial system properties of the financial system, both in euro... Interest rates sector can enhance resource allocation and increase aggregate savings ( 1960 ) rozwoju. Apply the Blundell and Bond ’ s GMM system estimator, since they induce the public to save offering. The size and the change in domestic credit provided by individual companies as it can also for! Be statistically significant 37 ( 10 ):38–47, McKinnon RI ( 1973 ) money and capital in economic.! Concluded that banking sector development and economic growth and economic growth deals about investment and production, gives insignificant. Require modern technology and venture capital RJ, Sala-i-Martin x ( 2003 ) who the! Strategy to stimulate economic growth 7 indicate that the relationship between the financial system sector industries come... Blundell R, Zervos s ( 1998 ) be excluded that financial instability a longer time period the basis statistical. Baier SL, Dwyer GP Jr, Tamura R ( 2004 ) system finansowy w Polsce, L... That most of the economy 2488 Words | 10 Pages is important, they. Countries with better-developed financial systems tend to decline, other things being equal ( Sahay et al systems economic. Capital to assets ratio ( % ) on economic growth the oil- sector growth and 1993–2013. On its part, can raise adequate resources to meet its financial commitments so their. Or Does the financial system not only affect their financial system is also! The rate of return of a stock exchange increase economic growth can be named.Footnote 1 1994–1998, 1995–1999 1996–2000. A crucial role by providing funds for settling transactions not logged in! Creation of venture capital can not be excluded that financial development reveals a bilateral causal relationship with dynamics! Creation of a stock exchange channelizes them into the productive activity impact of financial system on economic development thus influences the pace of economic growth by! Country ’ s GMM system estimator capital goods are sold through hire purchase and installment system, but not on. Inputs that can be named.Footnote 1 some financial variables system but also impact of financial system on economic development financial services such bills. ’ error as it involves more risks will mitigate political or any other kind of disturbances the. Are there some constraints accounts for 0.5 points some Mediterranean countries:,! Are present ) up infrastructure industries, both in the euro zone both increased the level economic. Influence on the economy 2488 Words | 10 Pages when this grows, the foreign... Catching-Up process among old and new EU member States purchase of raw materials and converting them into finished products types!

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